Company Competitiveness

Soft power
  • Founder has been living in Thailand for 20 years, fully aware of the culture and customs of Thailand
  • Abundant of local contacts and resources
  • The communication between higher and lower is stateless and free fromclass barriers or obstacles
  • People-oriented is the business direction
  • Welfare committee replaces labor union to listen to the employees needs
  • Long-term advantage with partners and to create a double win situation (vendor+ customer+ management team + junior staff)

Hard power
  • Response to end market and customer's needs the first time
  • Steady business requirement to ensure continuity of the full plant (100% Full loading)
  • Strict control of costs and expenses by an executive management team (day to day control and avoid sudden death notices)
  • The profit and loss statement as a basis to amending the short, medium and long-term business direction
  • Forward-looking the business strategy – marketing, business, capacity, equipment, materials, costs, personnel

Objective advantages to locate in Thailand
  • China–United States trade war promotes Manufacturing demand growth in Southeast Asia.
  • Industrial layout for End customers “focus in China ” → “distributed in Southeast Asia” ( Thailand has geographical/environmental advantages)
  • No worries of huge natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Nationality mild, non-exclusive, high degree of obedience and cooperation
  • Member of “ASEAN + China ”