Chairman Wang, Shu Mu

Department of Business Mathematics, Soochow University
API Chairman
APT Chairman
AET Chairman

CEO Chou, Jui Hsiang

Department of International Trade, Aletheia University
General Manager of Procurement in Taiwan, Hong Kong Kayue Group
Vice Chairperson of Thailand Plants, Hong Kong Kayue Group
Vice General Manager of R&D and Marketing, Kaohsiung Caen Technology Co., Ltd.

EVP Cheng, Yung Yuan

Department of Electronic Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
Vice General Manager of Business, Caen Group
Assistant General Manager of Procurement and Manager of R&D Department, Caen Group
Specialist, R&D Department, Digital Equipment Corporation

CBO Lee, Shun Chung

Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
General Manager of Business, Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Vice General Manager of Business, Arima Photovoltaic & Optical Corporation

CPO Huang, Chun Lung

Dept. of Business and Trade, Shih Chien University
Chief Manufacture Planning Officer & Vice President, Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Business Deputy Manager, Tripod Technology Corporation

CTO Chen, Du Chuan

Electrical Engineering, Department of Industrial Education, National Changhua University of Education
General Manager, E-Sun Technology Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Yichia Technology Co., Ltd.
Director or Research and Development Department, Fox link Image Technology Co., Ltd.
Vice General Manager, Chungtao Electronics Co., Ltd.
Assistant General Manager of Research and Development, Kaohsiung Caen Technology Co., Ltd.
Senior Research and Development Engineer, Top ward Electronics Co., Ltd.

CFO Yang, Hsin Wang

Dept. of Land Economics, National Chengchi University
Audit Managerial Personnel, Apex International Co., Ltd.
Revenue Officer, National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance