APEX will move forward form philanthropy to social investment approach as the management recognized the late King Rama 9’s“Self-sufficiency philosophy” where education and essential infrastructure will enhance community to create social value by their own. In the year 2020, APEX allocated 0.78M Baht to support social activities, mainly to communities’ needs. Employees also participated in Blood donations and Mangrove plantation as part of company CSR champagne.

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Social Contribution
  1. Establish scholarships and awards, and present the ceremony to Apex’s outstanding but economically disadvantaged employee’s children.
  2. Donate scholarships to neighboring primary schools.
  3. Cooperated with Rajamangala University of Technology to provide internship for two undergraduate students.

APEX had allocated budgets to support local community activates and culture e.g ., for seniority care religious activities, Songkran festival and other activities related to local culture. Those activities had taken place together with local community engagement program.
Donate money to maintain local traditional culture and enhance regional identity.

APEX considers the building of trust with communities as a foundation for doing business, and realized that a company must contribute to society and conducts business in a responsible manner, and is also obliged to return its gains to society.
  • Provide job opportunities for the blind, come to the factory to provide massage services every month, and pay labor costs of about THB 910,000.
  • Held a charity fair and set up an emergency fund for employees from the revenue of charity sale.
  • Donate food to vulnerable patients and prisoners.
  • Donate medical supplies to the community, vendors, motorbike taxi around the Thai factory.
  • Cooperate with local hospitals every season to hold employee blood donation activities.