Employees who share our values are one of the most important assets of APEX; the goal for the Company's human resources policies and practices is to enhance our company and employees' overall productivity and effectiveness. The Company is committed to providing quality jobs with good compensation, meaningful work, and a safe work environment for its employees, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificate is obtained; moreover, it is dedicated to fostering a fun work environment that encourages continuous learning and this enables the Company to recruit and retain the best talents suitable for its positions. In 2020, we provided more than 7,300 job opportunities, and retained talent with competitive compensation, diverse training courses, vacation time above regulatory requirements, and an array of work-life balance measures.

  • Human Rights Policy
  • Compensation and Welfare
  • Safe and Healthy
  • Training Programs
The working rules and regulations of APEX follows the spirit of international human rights laws such as the United Nations’ International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the United Nations Global Compact, which are mainly related to the following aspects :
A. Elected Welfare Committee;
B. Caring for vulnerable group and hold occasional donations;
C. Prohibiting the use of child labor;
D. Human resource policies do not contain differential treatments based on
gender, race, socio economic status, age, or marital and family status;
E. Achieve equality and fairness in employment, hiring conditions, remuneration, benefits, training, evaluation, and promotion opportunities.

To address and respond to this issue, Apex has declared and disclose information related to labors regulation and practice in industrial sectors e.g. TLS, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and has improved working conditions to meet international practice, aiming to have zero complaints on labor issues. Apex has fair and equal treatment to all employees and the application for working overtime is on voluntary basis.
Employees can offer suggestions and point out problems to the management team through the CEO BOX and other channels.
Concerns Goal and Practice Measures Channel
Providing a safe and healthy environment Work environment safety and occupational disease prevention
Comply with laws and regulations related to occupational safety and health, through handling safety and health work, education and training, employees.
Take care of the physical and mental health of employees, improve and enhance by means of health inspections or various health promotion activities.
Safe and hygienic conditions in the working environment, reduce the risk of occupational disasters, and provide employees with a safe, healthy and hygienic workplace environment.
Welfare Committee
Prohibition of child labor The company prohibits the employment of child labor in accordance with the human rights policyand only accepts applicants over the age of 18 to apply. Conducting the hiring process in accordance with the law. The official website "Irregular Business Conduct Reoprting", providing outsiders to report or appeal
Prevention from unlawful discrimination Regardless of race, class, language, ideology, religion, party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marriage, appearance, facial features, physical and mental disabilities, constellation, blood type or union membership for differential treatment or any form of discrimination. In order to ensure the human rights of employees in the workplace, and to provide dignified, fair workplace environment. Conducting the hiring process in accordance with the law. The official website "Irregular Business Conduct Reoprting", providing outsiders to report or appeal
Improvement of physical and mental health of employees Providing legitimate diversity activities to improve employee work-life balance The Welfare Committee organizes recreational activities for all employees more than once a year, and conducts care activities for new colleagues every month, inviting the heads of various departments to participate together. Welfare Committee
Our total benefits includes base salary, allowance, employees' cash bonus and profit sharing bonus, which is reflected individual expertise, job responsibility, performance, commitment, and our company's operational achievement.
(1)Multiple shuttle bus routes providing transportation for employees to go to work and go home
(2)Employee uniforms
(3)Employee cafeterias providing three meals a day
(4)Full attendance rewards
(5)Sickness and funeral subsidies
(6)Employee loans
(7)Annual employee athletic events and parties
(8)Senior employee citations and awards
(9)Special treatment to pregnant employees
Apex has an ISO 45001 committee and a safety and professional committee which regularly inspects whether the work environments comply with safety regulations to minimize workplace safety hazards. Apex also regularly provides employees with physical checkups, hoping that they can be aware of their health condition and employees’ physical and mental health can be improved.
■ Hardware Safety and Health Management: In practice, APEX's safety and health management is based on the framework of the OHSAS 18001 management system, and uses information technology to continually improve our goals to prevent accidents, improve employee safety and health, and protect company assets.
■ Operation Safety and Health Control: In APEX’s daily operations, we not only prevent accidents through strict controls on high-risk work, contractor management, chemical safety controls, and routine audits, but also maintain emergency response plans and hold regular drills to minimize the impact of potential accidents on the environment, society, employees and property.
■ APEX has set up safety and health working team under CSR committee, which meet regularly to discuss ESH-related matters. APEX endeavors to maintain a safety culture that ensures a safe and healthy workplace. The causes of all occupational injuries are analyzed and improvement programs are implemented based on the data. Our program further requires us to regularly collect and analyze data on the types of high-frequency occupational injuries and departments with higher incident rates. These reviews focus as a first priority on incidents that are relatively serious, affect multiple departments, or happen more frequently.
■ All APEX factories maintain an emergency response center, to implement standardization of emergency response procedure and enhancement of personnel training. APEX drew on past experience to develop a standard exercise to serve as a reference for units with different equipment and facilities to hold drills for fires, gas leaks, chemical spills, power dips, and other accidents.
From the first day employees entering the company, Apex provides complete training courses and continuing education programs to cultivate their  sense of belonging and teamwork culture. Apex also encourages employees to participate in special project planning to stimulate their self-expectations and thus enhance the company’s competitiveness.
Apex employee training achievements in 2020 areas follows: