Suppliers Cooperation

APEX takes corporate social responsibility seriously, and endeavors to extend our vision to our supplier chain partners for the ultimate goal of uplifting the society together. We request our suppliers to follow up with below issue:

【Supplier Evaluation】

1. Code Compliance in Environmental Protection: Suppliers must comply with local government regulations, including air pollution control, water pollution control, waste, and toxic material management. If there are violations of law or regulations, suppliers must take corrective action in a timely manner.

2. Green Products and ban of Hazardous Substances Usage: APEX promotes "green procurement" and requires raw materials suppliers to provide a statement to ensure that their products do not contain internationally banned hazardous substances harmful to the environment to ensure that products meet customer requirements such as the EU RoHS Directive. If significant deficiencies are found in supplier environmental audits, the supplier will be asked to improve by a purchasing group manager.

3. Environmental Management System: Suppliers must have environmental management system certification, such as ISO 14001, RC 14001.

4. Prohibition of Conflict Materials adoption: we acknowledge our corporate social responsibility to strive to procure conflict- free minerals in an effort to recognize humanitarian and ethical social principles that protect the dignity of all persons.

【Supplier Audit】

Apex’s procurement department conducts supplier evaluation and audits regularly so that both sides can jointly fulfill the social responsibility of achieving quality, environmental protection and actions to eliminate any type of forced or compulsory labor etc.