APEX has always believed that a sustainable enterprise must not only excel in its core business and pursue the highest revenues, profits, and shareholder returns, it must also fulfill its responsibilities to the environment and society, and serve as an uplifting force in society.

In 2015, APEX established its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, aiming to build on a foundation of sustainable operations and carry out our three missions of “Corporate Governance ”, “Sustainable Environment ”, and “Social Care ” in our daily operations. We gain understanding of the key issues of concern for our stakeholders  through organizations in our company responsible for these issues, and try our best to disclose the results of our actions through Company announcements.

Apex has attached great importance to the suggestions of all stakeholders. Please take the time to fill out the "Questionnaire about Sustainability Issues " to help us understand the outside world's concern for the company's sustainable issues.

  • Economic Dimension
  • Environmental Dimension
  • Social Dimension
Economic Dimension

In 2020, Apex extended the projects of cost control within 2019, continued to improve manufacturing efficiency and cost management that makes the margin to be improved. Though the COVID-19 pandemic caused our orders to be affected in the first quarter of 2020, the revenue in the second half of the year gained momentum due to the stay-at-home economy and
remote meeting demand. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year, Apex has established a control mechanism through pandemic prevention. We are still improving to do our best to protect employees and maintain production stability. The success comes from the efforts of all the staff of Apex.


Environmental Dimension

In 2020, in addition to achieving our targets in energy saving, water conservation, waste reduction, and other environmental goals, Apex plans to set up renewable energy supply devices, wastewater reuse and carbon footprint inventories and disclosures.

Social Dimension

Our focus is on employee rights and social participation. Employees are Apex’s greatest asset, and we pay close attention to their physical and mental health and their work environment as well. Each factory must maintain the ISO 14001 and the ISO 45001(former OHSAS 18001) management system standards. In 2020, we provided more than 7,300 job opportunities and
retained talent with competitive compensation, diverse training courses, vacation time above regulatory requirements, and an array of work-life balance measures.
In 2020, Apex provided book donations to schools, blood/money/supply/donation to hospitals, and work opportunities for blind people. Apex conducted 18 events and spent approximately 780 thousand Baht on social events in 2020. We take the initiative to care for employees, and our employees are happy to give back to society after work, creating a positive cycle to make it better.