APEX Culture

The main axis of Apex culture is “Oriental Thinking collaborating with Western Management” while working. “Oriental Thinking” means that to treat others with sensibility. In the same time, concept of “benevolence” definitely is helpful for Apex and is the foundation to achieve harmony and tolerance of teams. Apex people have to keep empathy in mind all the time in order to understand the opposite side’s point of view. Then effectiveness of communication can be created and we can further achieve operating goals. “Western Management” emphasizes on spirit of compliance of regulation. Apex people have to comply with laws, regulations and internal control system exactly and carefully as foundation for maintaining competitiveness.

Benevolence oriented is exactly the doctrine of loyalty and forgiveness emphasized by oriental Confucianism. Apex people shall pursue this doctrine to help others succeed and meanwhile succeed ourselves. This important spirit can be fully expressed by our concentric circles:

Based on such spirit and culture, Apex actively participates in taking care of employees, society and environment while pursuing operating goals.

Social relationship and charity activities: such as donation to social vulnerable groups, recycle wasted metal and donate to be material of prosthesis, provide scholarship to social institutions and other charity activities etc.

Actively obtained Certificate of Thailand Labor Standard

Requirement to employees by taking western management doctrines and taking oriental thinking into account simultaneously which is implemented in disciplined working environment and care to employee welfare

Company is composed by people who are the most important factor of achieving operating goals. Therefore Apex always highly regards to the management culture which contains sense and sensibility with equal weights. Ordinarily, we strengthen emotional interaction and desire of participation between employees through emotional parties, activities or competitive games. Then effective communication and harmony atmosphere between teams can be effectively implemented while we pursuing efficiency but just a vague slogan.

Commemorative video of Apex II
Year-end party

Group activities and training classes for helping new employees adapting working environment

Lively promotional competition of 5S

Sport and recreational activities in usual time