Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions
Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions

Issuer: Apex International Co., Ltd.
Issuance date: 2 July 2021

Apex (4927) today (2 July 2021) held a meeting of the Board of Directors, which passed the schedule for ex-dividends. The distribution of 2020 is NT$3.00 per share cash dividend. The record date is set on 25 July 2021, and the ex-dividend date for the common shares will be 19 July 2021. As required by Article 165 of Taiwan's Company Law, the shareholders' register shall be closed for five days prior to the record date (21 July 2021 through 25 July 2021) for registration transfer, and the cash dividend of 2020 will be paid on 13 August 2021.

Please also refer to the following table for the schedule of ex-dividends date:
Items Date
Ex-dividend trading date 19 July 2021
Last date before book closure 20 July 2021
Book closure period 21 July 2021 ~ 25 July 2021
Ex-dividend record date 25 July 2021
Distribution date 13 August 2021
Spokesperson: Sam Wu Deputy Spokesperson: Warren Hsu Deputy Spokesperson: Emma Wang
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