【Apex Sustainable Management】 The company Launched the Project for Renewable Energy with Power Generation
Issuer: Apex International Co., Ltd.
Issuance date: 8 December 2021

In recent years, in order to prevent the deterioration of climate change, energy saving and carbon reduction have become the focus of international attention. The Company's management team adheres to the concept of focusing on sustainable business operations and has officially launched the three-year Apex Solar Project. Following the initial results of the Apex Sandbox Project in energy use, the solar energy solution will continue its foundation and make good use of Thailand’s annual average sunshine of about 200 days, to develop and expand the scope of renewable energy use within the group to strengthen sustainability and respond to the important international issues.
The plan of Apex Solar Project is budgeted for about THB 135 million. Started from 2021 to 2024, it will be divided into four phases and will be gradually implemented in various factories in Thailand. After the completion of all phases, the total installed capacity is expected to reach about 8,000 KW, which can save about 5% of electricity bills each year, and is expected to reduce annual carbon emissions by about 7,000 tons. Comparing with the company’s greenhouse gas inventory data for 2020, it is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by nearly 5%. In addition to investing in sustainable development, in the process of solar panel installation and construction, manufacturers have designed relevant courses based on safety to guide and allow employees to participate in the Project. By the cooperation on the construction of sustainable energy to enhance team building and made employees be proud of being a part of the Apex Family.
As a member of a corporate citizen, the Company will continue to put resources in the sustainable development. In addition to the independent compilation and distribution of Chinese and English versions of ESG Reports since 2016, in the past two years, the development has been in full swing from the promotion of "Wear the Face Mask 100%" to the "Apex Sandbox Project", and now to the " Apex Solar Project ". These measures have again demonstrated the concept of sustainable operation of the Company. In recent years, Apex has successively received the award from several external evaluations such as the Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Award (AREA Award), the TCSA Sustainability Report Bronze Award, and was included in the "Corporate Governance 100 Index" component stocks. In face of today’s extremely important global climate and sustainability issues, the company’s management team will continue to demonstrate the spirit of “Good to You, Good to Apex”, hope to contribute to the planet through the constructions of renewable energy power generation, and to show the determination to attach importance to sustainable development through the practical actions as one of the members of the Print Circuit Board manufacturing industry.



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