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Taiwan Branch Office
Add: Taiwan Branch: Rm.503, 5F., No.205, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10595, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Tel: (02) 2717-0032
Main Mail

APEX 1 (Branch office)
Add: 39/234-236 Moo 2, Rama 2 Rd., Bangkrachao Amphur Muang, Samutsakhon 74000 Thailand
Tel: +66-34-490537~40

APEX 2 (Headquarter)

CSO Sam Wu
Tel:(02) 2717-0032#21

Deputy Spokesperson
Executive Secretary of ESG Team Warren Hsu
Tel:(02) 2717-0032#31

Deputy Spokesperson
Accounting Assistant Manager 
Emma Wang
Tel:(02) 2717-0032#32

Business Contacts
CBO Ozzy Lee

Transfer Agency
China Trust Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Transfer Agency
Add:5F, 83, Sec. 1, Chongqing South Road., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Shareholder Service Division
Stock Affair Assist Manager 
Vivian Tsao
Tel: (02) 2717-0032#22


Since 2020, the communication result with APEX’s stakeholders has been reported to Board of Directors. In 2021, the communication with APEX’s stakeholders has been reported to Board of Directors on Dec. 17th , 2021, the latest report of communication with Apex’s stakeholders is shown in the following table.

Stakeholder Concerned topic Way and Frequency of Communicating and Interacting 2021 Communication situation Response Dept. & Contact Person
  • -Compliance with Laws
  • -Environmental Protection
  • -Waste Water Management
  • -Eliminate the Gap between Urban and Rural Education
  • -Volunteer Service
-Donation Activity


  • -Irregular local wastewater treatment plant inspection
Irregular community activity

-Apex spends THB 1,050,000 for Community/Social event and donation, total 8 events in 2021.

  • RBA Committee, ADM
    CSO/ Spokesperson
    Sam Wu
    Tel:(02) 2717-0032





  • -Product Quality
  • -Product Delivery
  • -Good Service
  • -Reasonable Pricing
  • -Green Products
  • -Non-conflict Mineral Resources Audit
Protection of Confidential Information
  • -Telephone, Email
  • -Irregular meetings, bilateral visits
  • -Internal and external audits more than twice a year
-Customer satisfaction survey more than once a year
  • -Continuously meet customer expectations and increase satisfaction through quality management and problem solving procedures.
-Continue to work closely with suppliers to achieve traceability management to meet customer requirements for products.

  • Sales, CQM, ADM, R&D
    Ozzy Lee
    Tel: +66-92-268-6956

  • -Employee Welfare
-Occupational Safety and Health


  • -Telephone, Email
  • -Facebook fan page
  • -Irregular internal website and announcement
  • Welfare Committee once a month
  • -CEO BOX
-Regular and irregular meetings
  • -Regular Employees performance reviews
  • -A total of 1 labor-management meetings were held
  • -No major employee complaints in 2021
  • -2021 employee health check
  • -As of the end of September 2021, the total number of training hours of vocational training courses is 135,203 hours, and the number of trainees is 46,724.
  • -Employee Welfare Committee held the meetings once a month in order to collect the recommendations of employee.
-In order to prevent Covid-19, the Company has set up the Apex Covid-19 Administration Center to tackle Covid-19. This year, the Company has launched the Apex Sandbox Project and arranged employees to get vaccination to reach 100% coverage rate of two doses of Covid-19 vaccine. Through the implementation of the core arrangement of “Testing, Quarantine, Treatment, Prevention” to set up the safe and healthy workplace for employees.


  • Employee Welfare Committee, ADM
    ADM V.P.
    Sam Wu
    Tel:(02) 2717-0032

  • -Green Products
  • -Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • -Waste Water Management
  • -Energy and Electricity Reduction
-Regulations Compliance


  • -Irregular official letters and emails to authorities
  • -Irregular social media and website renewal
Announcement on Market Observation Post System (MOPS) in accordance with relevant regulations

  • -Attend seminar held by TWSE
  • Won the 2021 AREA Awards- Health Promotion Category
  • -Won the 2021 TCSA Sustainability Report Bronze Award
  • -Actively participate in seminars held with competent authorities from time to time
-Apex was ranked 6%- 20% of all TWSE listing company in FY2020 Corporate Governance Evaluation


Taiwan Branch, Accounting, ADM
Sam Wu
Tel:(02) 2717-0032

  • -Competitive Advantages
  • -Growth Potential
-Dividend Policy


  • -Shareholders' meeting held once a year
  • -Irregular Investor conference
  • -Frequent update with spokesperson
  • -Announcement on Market Observation Post System (MOPS) in accordance with relevant regulations
-Irregular company website renewal

  • -2021/07/02 Annual General Meeting
  • As of November 2021, Apex was invited to participate in 4 domestic investor conference
  • -Announce material information simultaneously in Chinese and English
  • -Announce monthly revenue, annual report of shareholders' meeting and related meeting materials in both Chinese and English
Announce English financial reports of each quarter


  • Taiwan Branch, Accounting
    CSO/ Spokesperson
    Sam Wu
    Tel:(02) 2717-0032

  • -Supply Chain Management
-Corporate Governance


  • -Field review at least once a year
  • -Irregular sales audit
  • -Telephone, Email
-Irregular meetings
  • -At least once a month to keep in touch with suppliers by E-mail or phone to ensure the supplier's supply and operating conditions.
  • -Apex was requiring suppliers to follow the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct.
-In previous years, Apex will conduct an on-site field review at the supplier’s office in accordance with the annual audit plan of the main raw material supplier. Due to the severe Covid-19 epidemic this year, it has changed to sale audit and checked whether it still has relevant certification.
  • Purchase, ADM, Production
    CPO Jeff Huang
    Tel:(02) 2717-0032

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