Synopsis of Group

Synopsis of Group

Apex was founded on October 28, 2009 and registered in the Cayman Islands. Presently, the Company's main business operations are production and sales of single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards used in LCD TVs, set-top boxes, hard disks, printers, satellite communications equipment and multimedia equipment for automobiles.

The name "Apex" comes from the first two letters of APPROACH and EXCELLENCE. The chairman of Apex, Mr. Woody Wang, thinks that perfect is difficult so our goal shall be to approach excellence. The Chinese name of Apex was named when Apex IPO listed in Taiwan with two Chinese word. The two Chinese words, one tells the public that we were based in Thailand; another implies the stability of Apex and also tells the public about the solid foundation of Apex in Thailand's PCB industry.

Apex's management goal is to have a firm grasp of market demand and provide products of stable quality. To achieve this, Apex enforces high-standard production management and adopts forward-looking business strategies. On top of these, the Company's corporate culture stresses the importance of efficiency and harmony in order to provide consumers in the end market with electronic products of diversified range of application.

After making unsparing efforts in market expansion, Apex has become an international supplier for electronics manufacturers but the endeavor to extend the range and scale of product applications is never stopped. At the same time, operation management and cost control are enhanced and appropriate pricing strategies are adopted to maintain the Company's profitability.

In the future, besides investment in development of new products and technologies, Apex will continuously work on the conventional rigid PCB market and meet the needs of customers.

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Samut Sakhon Industrial Zone

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Sinsakhon Industrial Zone

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Shye Feng

Organization Structure

Apex Holding Company
Apex International Co., Ltd.
Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Department Functions

Name of
Responsible for implementing and operating the production system.
Establishment of market strategies, establishment and execution of marketing plans, customer and supplier contact and problem solution, delivery tracking, and customer service.
Purchase Department Procurement and management of raw materials and machine equipment.
Importation/exportation, transportation and warehousing operations.
Quality Assurance Department Quality inspection, establishment of quality policies, regulations and criteria, confirmation of quality compliance with customers' standards, and customer complaint handling.
Administrative Department Establishment of personnel regulations, human resource recruitment and training, establishment of pay scales, performance evaluation, and reward and punishment administration.
The formulation and implementation of safety policies, and the management of administrative affairs.
Management Information System Department Establishment of plans, installation, development and management of the company’s information systems and equipment.
Establishment and execution of information security policies.
Finance & Accounting Department Design and revision of the accounting system and bookkeeping.
Calculation and analysis of production costs and management of tax affairs.
Bank correspondence and capital distribution, budget setup, and financial risk control.
Research & Development Department Improvement of quality and production capacity, development of new technologies and collection of new technology information.
Corp. & Legal Department Provision of legal advice on business operations for the management to ensure company operations comply with regulations, and review of contracts and participation in contract negotiations.