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Letter from the Sustainable Development Committee Chairperson

The evolving industry landscape and changing lifestyles signify the emergence of a new business environment. The driving force behind this change is our aspiration for long-term development and the continuous enhancement of our social and environmental responsibilities. In this context, at Apex, we firmly believe that besides focusing on business and maximising revenue and shareholder returns, companies must also consider their impact on the environment and society and become part of a socially beneficial cycle.

Corporate sustainability has always been one of our core values. We recognise that long-term success and sustainable development can only be achieved by actively addressing environmental, social, and governance issues. Therefore, we integrate the three major corporate governance goals, sustainable environment, and social welfare into our daily operations. We are committed to finding innovative ways to achieve sustainability goals and continuously improving our business practices to ensure our actions have a positive impact.

Regarding information transparency, our company's 2023 annual shareholders' meeting was conducted via live streaming, and the entire session was recorded uninterruptedly and uploaded to the company's official website for shareholders who couldn't attend in person. Regarding information disclosure, we uploaded the annual shareholders' meeting report before the statutory deadline and published the financial reports in Chinese within two months after the end of the fiscal year. Since 2016, we have voluntarily prepared annual sustainability reports in Chinese and English. In 2024, we released our first Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) and Risk Management Report to ensure investors have timely access to company information.

Regarding corporate sustainability, we are actively developing green energy and wastewater recycling systems. In 2021, we launched the " GREEN Project" to enhance our company's renewable energy and water resource management. By 2023, the carbon reduction from our solar power generation system exceeded 3,700 tons, with a wastewater recycling rate of approximately 30%. Additionally, we are actively involved in social welfare by allocating funds annually to support hospitals, local communities, and schools around our factories. Through activities such as charity carnivals, Songkran festivals, and employee appreciation events, we strive to create a happy workplace.

We recognise that good corporate governance is a crucial cornerstone of sustainable development. Our efforts in this area have been internationally recognised. In Sustainalytics' ESG assessment, we received a low-risk rating; in the 2023 CDP Water Security Questionnaire, we received a B rating for the management level. Furthermore, we have been honoured multiple times with the AREA Awards from the Asian Enterprise Associations.

At Apex, we adhere to principles of transparency and integrity. Through the functioning of functional committees, we collectively ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and foster an understanding among directors, managers, employees, and contractors about the importance of ethical business practices. We strive to enhance our governance standards and ensure our operations meet the highest standards. We are committed to building a positive corporate culture and continuously improving management systems to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

We understand that many challenges must be overcome on the path to sustainable development, such as climate change, resource scarcity, and social inequality. In this process, we recognise the crucial role of stakeholders' participation and support. We look forward to establishing closer cooperation with various sectors to achieve corporate sustainability goals and jointly create a better future.

Framework of Sustainable Management

Apex established the "Sustainable Development Committee" under the Board of Directors in 2022 to assist the Board of Directors in promoting the sustainable development of the Company and its subsidiaries, recently reported to the Board of Directors on December 19, 2023:

  1. Formulate sustainable development policies.
  2. To guide, track and review the performance of sustainable development activities, and report to the board of directors.
  3. Other matters that the committee should be instructed to handle after the resolution of the board of directors.
  4. After the above-mentioned matters are formulated by the committee and reported to the board of directors, the derived executive plan of the relevant implementation.

Apex analyzes issues regulatory based on the international reporting preparation guidelines and concept of materiality. It has formulated strategies and established relevant measures for risks related to environmental, social, climate change and corporate governance issues related to the Company's operations. Please refer to the "Corporate Governance", "Ethics and Integrity", "Environment Protection", "Social Investment", "Happy and Safe Workplace" and other chapters of the ESG Report on our website.
At present, the corporate governance team reported annual results and summary of sustainability works to the Board meeting at the last Board meeting of the year, to communicate and exchange ideas with the Board then took it as reference of improvement and adjustment for the next year.
The Company's sustainability promotion team will integrate internal resources to plan and implement different aspects of ESG sustainability projects; internally promote the concept of corporate sustainability; collect information to provide external evaluation and sustainability report disclosure.

Corporate Governance Officer

The Company has resolved the appointment of Ms. Yu-Ying Tsao as the Chief Corporate Governance Officer (CGO). Yu-Ying Tsao has over 20 years of management experience in stock affairs and internal audit for public companies. CGO is responsible for corporate governance matters, including producing meeting minutes of the Board, functional committees and AGM, arranging continuous development for directors, furnishing information required for business execution by directors, and providing the information regarding the latest legal developments related to organizational operations to help directors and members of functional committees achieve legal compliance. The Corporate Governance Evaluation Team, ESG Team, and Ethical Corporate Management Team will also assist with the relevant corporate governance affairs.

The following describes the 2023 performances:
  1. Responsible for handling matters related to the meetings of the Board of Directors, functional committees, and AGM in accordance with the law. Drafted and prepared the agendas for the Board and committee meetings, notified directors and members of functional committees at least 7 days in advance of the meetings. Convened the meetings and provided materials for the attendees. If any conflict of interest arose, the attendees were notified beforehand. The minutes are disseminated within 20 days after the meetings.
  2. Arranging continuous development for directors:
    The new and current directors have already finished the educational courses in compliance with the law in 2023.
  3. Furnishing information required for business execution by directors and assisting directors with legal compliance:
  4.   (1) Confirmed whether the Board of Directors and functional committees are in compliance with relevant laws and corporate governance codes.
      (2) Assisted the directors and members of functional committees in complying with laws and regulations when carrying out business or making formal decisions.
      (3) After the meeting, check the release of material information of major resolutions of the Board of directors to ensure the legality and correctness of the content of the material information.
Advanced studies status of 2023
Date Organizer Name of Course Training Hours Total Training Hours of 2023
2023/04/27 Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation 'Sustainable Development Action Plans for TWSE and TPEx Listed Companies (2023)' Seminar 3
2023/08/11 Taiwan Corporate Governance Association Corporate Carbon Management following the Promulgation of the Climate Change Act 3
2023/10/20 Securities & Futures Institute 2023 Insider Trading Prevention Seminar 3
Taiwan Corporate Governance Association
New Thinking of Enterprise Risk Management - Integrating Strategies Development and ESG Risk Management 3
2023/11/29 Securities & Futures Institute 2023 Seminar of Shareholding Trading and Law Compliance for Insiders 3