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Thailand is a member of ASEAN

Apex & ASEAN

The GDP of Thailand is higher than the countries in the Indochinese Peninsula, and its GDP continues to grow. The leading exporter of Thailand is the United States. In 2001, the chairman of Apex chose to take root in Samut Sakhon, Thailand.


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Display, Smart speaker, DVD

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Printer, HDD, Notebook

03Communication Appliances 03

Gateways, Switch, Tuner

04Auto Parts Appliances 04

Audio, Navigation, Control system

No. 1 PCB Provider in Southeast Asia

Products & Development

Apex is deeply engaged in the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for consumer electronic products, and has become the largest PCBs supplier in Southeast Asia by the production capacity it provided.


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What we do to make the world a better place


Apex has always believed that a sustainable enterprise must not only excel in its core business, it must also Fulfill its responsibilities to the environment and society, and serve as an uplifting force in society.

Environmental Protection
Since 2021, Apex has launched the "Green Project," focusing on three main topics: "Renewable Energy," "Wastewater Recycling," and "Improving Energy Efficiency." This initiative not only enhances our carbon reduction benefits, but also contributes to corporate sustainability.


Social Participation
People-oriented is Apex's core value. We are committed to creating a workplace environment that is in line with the needs of our employees, and actively engaging in local development to build up a deep and mutually beneficial relationship with society.


Corporate Governance Evaluation Information
Good corporate governance is a crucial cornerstone for sustainable development., Apex has already established the Sustainable Development Committee to strengthen the direction and layout of our sustainable operations. Besides, Apex has ranked top 6%~20% in the TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluation for eight consecutive years.