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Welfare System

Employees welfare system
  1. Multiple shuttle bus routes providing transportation for employees to go to work and go home
  2. Employee uniforms
  3. Employee cafeterias providing three meals a day
  4. Full attendance rewards
  5. Sickness and funeral subsidies
  6. Employee loans
  7. Annual employee athletic events and parties
  8. Senior employee citations and awards
  9. Special treatment to pregnant employees
Continuing education and training

Good employee continuing education programs can not only enhance employees’ work capacity but also help the company attract talents. From the first day employees enter the company, Apex provides complete training courses and continuing education programs to cultivate their sense of belonging and teamwork culture.

Apex also encourages employees to participate in special project planning to stimulate their self-expectations and thus enhance the company’s competitiveness.

Retirement system and implementation

The employee retirement system is conducted in accordance with local regulations.

  1. Thailand area

    the Company provides defined benefit retirement welfare to employees by following Section 118, Chapter 11 of the Thai Labor Protection Act. Employees who are qualified to criteria of retirement could get a reasonable retirement fund with correspondent service years and salary level.

  2. Taiwan area

    Employees in Taiwan all adopt the Taiwan Labor Pension Act. The Company allocates 6% of each employee’s salary to a personal retirement fund under custody of Taiwan Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Protective measures for employees’ rights and interests

Harmonious and pleasant workplace ambiance is an important condition for effective teamwork. To ensure smooth exchanges of ideas between the management team and employees and achievement of consensus, Apex has always regarded reasonable pay scales, decent work environments and effective communication channels as priority tasks. Apex Group adopts the following measures to communicate with employees:

  1. The suggestion box

    Employees can make their suggestions and problems known to the management team by using the suggestion box.

  2. Weekly meetings

    Apex rounds up all the employees once a week to convey company policies to employees to make sure consensus is achieved and all employees move toward the same goal.

  3. Regular convention of inter-division meetings

    Apex’s Employee Welfare Committee helps with the protection of employees’ rights and interests to ensure the win-win target of mutual trust and mutual benefit between labor and management can be achieved.