Employee Occupational Safety and Health

Happy Workplace

Apex is a big family, where the senior management considers the safety, occupational health, and well-being of all employees and subcontractors working at Apex as priority. Employees are crucial resources for the successful operation of Apex, and therefore, achieving zero occupational accidents is a business objective. Apex values the physical and mental health of its employees, workplace rights, environmental hygiene, and safety. We are committed to creating a happy and safe work environment, providing employees with diverse and equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and fostering a relationship of mutual trust and respect between labour and management.
Apex employees elect an employee welfare committee. Apex also organises regular donation and charity events to assist vulnerable groups. We have established company regulations in accordance with laws and various initiatives to ensure equal and fair treatment in employment, working conditions, compensation, benefits, training, performance evaluation, and advancement opportunities, as well as gender, race, socioeconomic status, age, marital status, and family situation. To reap the benefits of teamwork, a harmonious and pleasant working environment is required. To facilitate smooth communication and consensus among the management team and all employees, Apex prioritises reasonable salary levels, a good working environment, and effective communication channels.
Employees can provide suggestions and address issues to the management team through channels such as the CEO BOX and BROTHER BOX. There were no significant complaints received by Apex in 2022. Apex maintains harmonious labour relations and has not experienced any major labour disputes. Apex has established a fair compensation policy, remuneration system, and performance evaluation mechanism. Performance assessments also include the achievement of sustainable business goals.
Apex has established a safety and occupational committee that conducts regular inspections to ensure that safety rules at work are followed and safety hazards are minimised. Employees are given regular medical check-ups to help them understand their health status and improve their physical and mental well-being. APT, an Apex subsidiary, has also received ISO 45001 certification for creating a good and safe working environment.

Personnel Distribution

All workforces are under a contractual agreement with Apex and there is no temporary or dispatched worker. The table below shows the number of employees’ average seniority, average age and educational level etc. in Apex based on the date of 2022.12.31.
163 persons are of Thailand nationality which is 61.17% of Managers and above.

2 60 persons are of Thailand nationality which is 63.83% of Managers and above.

386 persons are of Thailand nationality which is 69.35% of Managers and above.

New and Departed Employees

Employee Remuneration Policy

The salary policy embodies the principle of sharing achievements. The company allocates no more than 2% of its profits as employee remuneration. Regular performance evaluations are conducted each year, taking into account individual performance, responsibility, and future development potential as the basis for salary adjustments and bonuses. Apex provides fair compensation based on employees' educational background, professional knowledge and skills, professional experience, and individual performance, without discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, political stance, marital status, or union membership.

Continuing Education and Training

Apex recognizes that a robust employee development program is essential not only for enhancing employees' skills and competencies but also for attracting top talent. From the first day of employment, Apex provides comprehensive educational training courses and development plans, aiming to foster a sense of belonging and a culture of teamwork among employees through a process of continuous learning. The company encourages employees to actively participate in various project initiatives, empowering them to set high expectations for themselves and contributing to the company's competitive strength.

  1. New employee training is internal training, and the weekly accomplishment rates reached over 95%.
  2. Professional Training including internal training and external training. According to the type of program, it could be divided into Law/Regulation, Quality System, Quality and Efficiency, Attitude Adjustment, Leadership, ESG and courses regulated by the competent authority.
Employees’ Welfare System

As an industry that falls under labour-intensive manufacturing, the labour management relationship is crucial in the electronic components sector, and stakeholders within the supply chain also emphasise this issue greatly. Therefore, Apex has publicly disclosed regulations related to labour, which align with international conventions and requirements for working conditions, such as TLS and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, aiming to achieve zero complaints regarding labour-related matters. Apex ensures fair and equal treatment for all employees, and currently, overtime is voluntary and based on individual applications.
The Human Resources department works in collaboration with department managers to establish annual education and training plans based on departmental goals and competency requirements. Clear promotion assessment criteria for each job level are defined to promote talent development, retention, and utilization. Apex takes a comprehensive approach to considering employees' compensation, benefits, and communication, enabling employees to not only pursue personal achievements and growth but also maintain a healthy work-life balance and foster their spiritual well-being.

Retirement system and implementation

The employee retirement system is conducted in accordance to local regulations.

  1. Thailand area: The Company provides defined benefit retirement welfare to employees by following Section 118, Chapter 11 of the Thai Labor Protection Act. Employees who are qualified to criteria of retirement could get reasonable retirement fund with correspondent service years and salary level. The Company has booked related liability according to actuarial report issued by Thai certificated actuary.
  2. Taiwan area: Employees in Taiwan all adapt Taiwan Labor Pension Act. The Company allocates 6% of each employee's salary to personal retirement fund under custody of Taiwan Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Actions Related to Human Rights Issues
Human Rights Policy Commitment
Concerns Goal and Practice Measures Channel
Providing a Safe and Healthy Environment Implement workplace safety and occupational disease prevention measures, providing employees with a safe, healthy, and hygienic work environment. By implementing safety and health initiatives, providing educational training, conducting employee health checks, and organizing various health promotion activities to care for the physical and mental well-being of Apex employees. Welfare Committee
Prohibition of Child Labour Strictly prohibits the employment of any child labourers under the age of 18. The employment process is carried out in accordance with national regulations. Any position is only accepted by applicants who are 18 years old and above, and the applicants are checked during the application process to avoid omissions. The official website "Irregular Business Conduct Reporting", providing outsiders to report or appeal
Prohibition of Forced Labour To adhere to the RBA Code of Conduct, which upholds the principles of free choice of employment. Also complies with local labour laws and international standards to eliminate any forms of forced or involuntary labour. Prevention from unlawful discrimination. Abide by the labour laws of the local government. Employees work overtime due to work needs, adopt a voluntary application system, and shall not be forced to work overtime in any form, and provide compensatory leave or overtime pay in accordance with the law. The official website "Irregular Business Conduct Reporting", providing outsiders to report or appeal
Prevention from Unlawful Discrimination Regardless of race, class, language, ideology, religion, party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marriage, appearance, facial features, physical and mental disabilities, constellation, blood type or union membership for differential treatment or any form of discrimination. In order to ensure the human rights of employees in the workplace, and to provide a dignified, fair workplace environment. Formulate the "Human Rights Policy Management Measures" to protect the human rights of employees and prevent illegal discrimination. The official website "Irregular Business Conduct Reporting", providing outsiders to report or appeal
Improvement of Physical and Mental Health of Employees Providing legitimate diversity activities to improve employee work-life balance. The Welfare Committee organizes recreational activities for all employees more than once a year, and conducts care activities for new colleagues every month, inviting the heads of various departments to participate together. Welfare Committee
Harassment-free Workplace Ensuring a work environment free from harassment for all employees. Through publicity and statement announcements, employees understand that they have the responsibility to help ensure that there is no workplace sexual harassment in the course of performing their duties, and disclose complaint channels, telephone numbers, and mailboxes to create a friendly working environment. CEO BOX

Workplace Health and Safety

Apex has set up a Safety & Occupational committee which regularly inspects whether the work environments comply with safety regulations to minimize workplace safety hazards. Apex also regularly provides employees with physical checkups, hoping that they can be aware of their health condition and employees’ physical and mental health can be improved. Apex’s subsidiary APT has also passed the ISO 45001 certification because of the fine, healthy and safe work environment it created. During Covid pandemic, Apex in order to take care of the health and safety of employees, we proactively contacted with hospitals to acquire vaccines as possible as we could and we provided vaccines to all employees without any charge. At the same time, we cooperate with the government to set up a well quarantine area and provide living and medical necessities to potentially risky or diagnosed employees. Besides, we also provide subsidy to support them to pass through this tough period.

In addition to controlling high-risk operations, managing contractors' access and ensuring construction safety, and implementing chemical safety management and safety auditing systems, we also have proper plans for damage prevention, disaster emergency response procedures, and regular drills. Our goal is to minimize damage and impact on company property, personnel, society, and the environment in the event of a disaster. The Safety and Occupational Committee holds regular meetings to discuss environmental protection, safety, and health-related matters. They also analyse statistics on occupational accidents and prioritize units and types of accidents with higher occurrence rates or severity, as well as those that span multiple units or have a recurring nature, for educational training and management focus. These efforts aim to establish a safety culture and provide a safe and comfortable working environment.